A holistic treatment with unmatched success.


I found A.R.T. through a friend.  At the time I was suffering with eczema, joint pain, and sensitivities to certain foods and animals.    Over the last 6 months I have watched my symptoms improve and ultimately disappear.  I can now spend time with my son and his family that includes two big dogs.  My skin has cleared entirely and I am tolerating all foods. My energy is improved as has my overall wellbeing.  I can not say enough good things about what this process has done for both my physical and emotional well being!  Nina B.

Food Sensitivities

I sought A.R.T. to help me figure out my digestion issues. I have spent most of my adult life reacting to foods. Sometimes tolerating a food and other times that same food would cause me stomach issues and migraines.  Through the A.R.T. protocol, not only was I able to figure out which foods I was sensitive to, my stomach/digestion issues have been totally healed. My overall reactivity to seasonal allergies subsided. I feel the quality of my life has improved in ways I could not have predicted! I highly recommend A.R.T. to anyone trying to heal their body and understand their health.  Julie C.