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Chronic Hives & Food Sensitivities


As I think about my journey over the past two years of being treated at Holistic Healing for Wellness, I am reminded of these three things: 1) Hope, 2) Healing, and 3) Freedom. Let me explain my circumstances that lead me to Tracey at Holistic Healing for Wellness.
Over the past 12 years I dealt with chronic hives and numerous food sensitivities that began with wheat, then progressed to soy and dairy; and then ultimately nuts, eggs, and yellow pea proteins became triggers as well. I basically could only eat meat, fruit and veggies. My hives were getting progressively worse, I was having to take an insane amount of Prednisone and other antihistamine pills, and no physician (Family Doctor and Allergist/Immunologist) could figure out why I kept getting the chronic hives. I could hardly eat anything! If I started to eat something I knew I could eat, soon enough I’d have a hive outbreak and would have to stop eating that as well and eliminate it from my diet. I was a mess! My Daughter said she had a friend whose family member had went to Holistic Healing for Wellness and was now allergy-free. This gave me HOPE! I contacted Tracey and the journey began.
Upon beginning my Treatments with Tracey, she was able to find (in addition to the food sensitivities), I was having trouble with chemicals and environmental elements as well; which also made my immune system stay at an aggravated state. I was definitely a mystery to be solved! I’m not going to lie, there were times we both wondered if I could get healed from all of this, but Tracey kept encouraging me and giving me HOPE as we progressed through my Treatments. We were going to conquer this one way or another! It was an up and down battle, but I could see the progress we were making each week from the Treatments; and this gave me HOPE. (A side note: We have 9 Grandchildren under the age of 7 and I had never gotten to share any foods,  especially treats, with them and I was hanging on to that HOPE that I would one day be able to share an Oreo as well as some ice cream with them.) We were on our way!
Weeks and months went by and I began to see the HEALING progress. The weekly Treatments were helping my Immune system to get stronger and I began to conquer chemicals, then environmental elements, and finally foods. It’s been a long process, but I had so much going on in my body that I knew it wasn’t going to be a quick fix. You must be willing to be patient in the process. Again, I was willing to do whatever it took to find HEALING. When I was finally able to reintroduce wheat (my first sensitivity), I knew I was on my way to HEALING my body of everything. After wheat and then soy, I was finally able to eat an Oreo with my Grandchildren! We had an Oreo Party and it was one of the best days ever!! We continued the process of reintroducing foods and I was even able to eat ice cream with our Grandkids as well!
Because of Tracey and Holistic Healing for Wellness, I now have the FREEDOM to enjoy life with my family and friends! I am so thankful for her willingness to see me through this process! If you want to find FREEDOM, do not hesitate to go to Tracey at Holistic Healing for Wellness… You will be so glad you did!!
Elizabeth Westfall

Hearing Aid Allergy

What I’m really excited about is how Tracey was able to help me with my right hearing aid. I only needed the left one for a few years but the addition of the right one didn’t go so well. It was itching and burning my ears as soon as I put it in. It was as if my body rejected it. The hearing specialist and the ENT tried several things including a steroid cream but nothing worked. I couldn’t wear the hearing aid. I explained it all to Tracey and through A.R.T. and tapping it was cleared up in a few weeks. My body no longer rejected the hearing aid. Thank you, Tracey.

J.A.A. Columbus, OH


I found A.R.T. through a friend.  At the time I was suffering with eczema, joint pain, and sensitivities to certain foods and animals.    Over the last 6 months I have watched my symptoms improve and ultimately disappear.  I can now spend time with my son and his family that includes two big dogs.  My skin has cleared entirely and I am tolerating all foods. My energy is improved as has my overall wellbeing.  I can not say enough good things about what this process has done for both my physical and emotional well being!

Nina B.

Food Sensitivities

I sought A.R.T. to help me figure out my digestion issues. I have spent most of my adult life reacting to foods. Sometimes tolerating a food and other times that same food would cause me stomach issues and migraines.  Through the A.R.T. protocol, not only was I able to figure out which foods I was sensitive to, my stomach/digestion issues have been totally healed. My overall reactivity to seasonal allergies subsided. I feel the quality of my life has improved in ways I could not have predicted! I highly recommend A.R.T. to anyone trying to heal their body and understand their health.

Julie C.